Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quite A Repulsive Day.

like a peacock placed in a pen of pigeons i was completly out of mind and body today. i felt as though i had been transported over nite to some odd disgusting world where people poor water or eachother and ask random peirs (who are completly unapprochable) to play rock paper scissors. i couldnt fathom the fact that i was really at school and all these horrid things really were happening. sickening to say the least. i could find no escape as even when i got home my 12 year old brother nearly yelled at me for almost eating his slice of bread even though he had 4 slices of pizza sitting in font of him. im not sure what is happening to me to be honest. the little glam. i had in me is slowly being sucked out. i dont know what to do anymore. the only reasurance i found was in the constant ticking of the pocket watch dangling around my neck and the voice of Cory talking to me about next year and how we wont have to take the bus anymore. i shouldnt have to imagine myself in the future to get me by today. it just doesnt seem right.

besides those annoyances i found myself lacking inspiration today as well. maybe i need a good vacation to france. paris maybe? somewhere where people care about how they look and act. and im sure going to france would help me learn french. i bet my parents would buy that. not. but which ever, i hope i get myself back before i go to SCAD. oh! p.s. its official now! my parents paid and sent in all the paperwork so i am officialy going to be a SCAD student for one week. im pretty enthusiastic when it comes to that. i hope i like it. im sure i will. (:

i am also secretly planning cory's birthday gift. he says he doesnt want anything and refuses to tell me what to get so i decided to make something for him. its going to be a scrapbook of all the things he loves and wants etc. i hope he will like it. i just got a bunch of magazines and printed out some pictures. i will take some photographs and post them so you can see when im done. i love doing things like this for my friends. it means more in my opinion to make something then to buy it. but dont get me wrong, i love expensive gifts! who doesnt?! haha.

on the other hand, i have decided what camera im going to save up for. a fujifilm instax instant camera! its a little camera that prints about credit card sized photos instantly! it reminds me of a poloroid. (; its only $130 at Urban Outfitters so if i dont spend any money for the next 3 and 1/2 months i will get it then! im really excited. i hope it works as good as it seems x)

p.s. i got new facial cleanser today. i dont know if you noticed in any pictures, but i have very bad skin. it gets red and dry, but oily with the ever toxic pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads too. i have tried many things from chemical infused scrubs, to organic washes so my skin has been through much more than it should. but today i whent to ULTA and picked up an acne treament kit from PETERTHOMASROTH to see if this product works better for me than some others. it came with a beta hydroxy acid 2% acne wash, AHA.BHA acne clearing gel, acne spot area treatment, oil free moisturizer, and a max ant-shine matifying gel for $35.00. im not really familiar with this brand but the lady who helped me said her son used it and had related symptoms as me and had great results so i decided hey what the heck? i have only used it one time so far and it didnt feel any different than most acne cleansers so only time will tell. although, for the first time i have actualy felt my skin was very soft, protected, and what made me the most happy is that he excess oil was finaly gone! i felt like my pores could breathe. so hopefully it works! wish me luck!

time check: 5 days left of school :)

haha love you all and hope to speak to you soon!

becca ♥

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Busy Beaver.

im so sorry i havent posted in a while i have been extremely busy and havent found the time to do much of anything. this past weekend was my cousins bar mitzvah and all this week i have been taking exams so i have been studying a bit here and there. i am also annticipating the coming of my braces in just a few days. June 25th to be exact. im not sure what color to get so i have been contemplating that as well. any ideas? i have however found some time to create two necklaces that i swear took me seconds to do. one took about 10 seconds and the other about 5 min. they are super easy and obviously fast so i decided to post the DIY projects below.

Stopping Time Necklace.
- cotton cord. (i used Blue Moon Beads)
- one pocket watch. (the pocket watch took me literaly forever to find and this one was actualy a gift found by my grandmother. {i love her!} they tend to be a little pricey at antique malls or stores so check out garage sales everyonce in a while. {it sounds timely, but its worth it} just dont give up.)

1st: cut a piece of the cord long enough to if you fold it in half and tie it, it will be the length you want. one thing i have learned is that this cord once tied is very hard to get out, so i tie mine in a bow instead of knotting it just to make sure i will be able to get it off later.

2nd: tie knots at the very end on each side of the cord. this will make it harder for the bow to come untied on its own.

3rd: fold the cord in half and put the folded end through the top hook of the pocket watch.

4th: pull the loose ends through the loop on the opposite side.

5th: pull tight and adjust as neccasary.

viola! your done :)

Fabric Frenzy Necklace.
- scrap fabric more than 2 feet long.

1st: if you are using fabric not cut yet then make a small cut in the top of the fabric making a strip about an inch thick. then carefully rip down the fabric to create a frayed edge. do this three times for three seperate strips of fabric.

2nd: tie a loose knot at the end of each strip joining them together.

3rd: begin to braid the fabric making it as loose or tight as you want. *remember its a necklace so if you have short stripes make sure to keep the braid loose so its long enough to tie around your neck.*

4th: untie the first knot and tie a double knot with the two ends of the strips connecting the necklace. adjust the length as neccessary.

tah-dah! (:

i also wanted to say that i have officialy started teaching myself french! if you have any ideas or things that helped you learn a language fast, please i am open to suggestions. i only know a little right now like please and thank you so i still have a lot of work to do. but i am determined so im sure i will get it soon. wish me luck and ill keep you posted :)

on top of that i would like to express to you all my latest obssession. its amazing! they have really cute clothes and jewelry but for way cheaper than say, Urban Outfitters maybe. dont get me wrong, i love me some Urban Outfitters. but at times i feel some of the clothes are a little over priced. soo, ruche just simply made my day when i found it. deffinately check it out if you have some time. they have a special eco friendly section too! obviously everything there is either recycled or organic and i really like that about them. they also have this necklace that i thought looked odly familiar,...

im just saying ;)

well off to bed for me now so i will blog to you all soon!

merci beaucoup.

bonne nuit.

-becca. ♥

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Your Average Day.

i cant believe how much im really like blogging! its crazy because i usualy dont stick to things for very long and if i do its because i have to so yeay Sweet Asceticism! :) anyways,...

i came across a book today in the library about how to get your blogs noticed and such and it had the idea of putting little notes in books relating to your blog saying "hey come check us out at,..." and i thought it was kind of a cool idea! it would be easy and cheap and it would reach out to the right group of people to so i thought hey what they heck? so i made a few notes saying stop by anytime and share ideas and topics and if you put your name in the comment i will post a blog with your name in it and slipped them into a few good craft and design books i love. hopefully, it will bring in some new visitors and maybe some new bloggers too.

besides that darling fact, i wanted to say that i arranged my room a new way thats leaving it feeling a little empty at the moment so i was wondering if anybody knew a few cheap online or jacksonville furniture stores that maybe had an armchair that i could buy with a $40.00/month budget. if so please tell me! i hate the feeling of plain boring rooms and right now, thats my room. it makes me so mad that i want to be an interior designer and if you walked into my room, you would have zero idea. yea, its that bad at this second. i have come up with a few ideas to brighten it up and get a little color on my white walls, but i would love to hear what you guys think! here is what ive got now, mind the mess and clutter, its a work in progress.

to liven up my walls a little i found this, and i give all credit of this to its the DIY lighted paper pennant garland and it turns out so cute! i got some $5.00 christmas lights from Target and some cheap, on sale Martha Stewert paper from Michaels. its super simple but a little on the timely side. it took me almost 4 hours to make a pennant for EVERY light on the string so it could take less or more time depending on what your doing.


all you need is lights (and it doesnt really matter what size as long as you have a large enough template), paper (mine was 12x12 and fit 4 pennant shapes easily), scissors, a template, and lOTS of tape (i used normal everyday clear scotch tape).

1. make a template or print the one off the one on the site is a little comfusing for me but math was never my subject so check it before you waste your time making your own like me.
2. trace out as many possible templates you can get on one piece of paper then cut out the shapes. i cut more then one piece of paper at a time to speed up the process.
3. poke/punch a hole in the smaller triangles.
4. fold over the bottom smallest triangle and tape each side triangle too it.
5. continue folding over the sides and tape them together.

6. snip two lines on opposite sides of the punched hole about 2 cm long or long enough for your lights to fit into.
7. slip the lights into the hole and repeat.
it is pretty cool once its done but by the end i was glad it was over. i actualy cut the project into 2 days 2 hours each so i wouldnt be sitting there forever. what do you think?

well, its time for me once again to sign off but before i do i would like to say thanks too,

Amy @ Varnish


Ink and Belle

for being my first followers. thanks for the support guys! :) p.s. i love your blogs!! time for some raviollis and cheesy zucchini. yum yum. adios for now and hope to hear from you soon.

-Becca ♥

Monday, May 3, 2010

Loves Of My Lifes.

ok. so i know i already posted today but i feel like this is a big part of my life that i need to share with you guys. my best friends! they are the most amazing people ever and im so thankfull for knowing them. :)

*CORY: of course the best ones are gay so it just makes it better that he is and i really dont know where i would be with out him! but i will start from the begining, about four or five months ago a new student showed up in my tv. production class and my first reaction was god he looks amazing! he had that tall, glamorous, dont mess with me bitch look to him and honestly, i feel like a peice of dirty, old, cloth off the side of the road next to him. serious model material. after a few classes of talking to him i made it clear that i was going to be best friends with him. we started talking more and more a little each day and eventualy began to text eachother. one day he needed a ride home and of course i offered and so he came over to my house and we talked about college and what we want in our future and things like that which i really hadnt done in a LONG time. a few hours after getting picked up he sent me a text asking if he could ride home with me everyday after school. completly shocked i answered yes and the rest is history. he now comes over and picks out my clothes and jewelry and we talk about colleges and school, its actualy the perfect college roomate story if there is one. we have promised eachother to be friends forever and do everything we can to live together in a great big loft in New York City. hey, we can dream rite? bottom line is i love him to death. i dont know how i possibly was getting by without him and his amazing fashion sense. the world better look out because when he parades into the fashion world, it will never be the same. just you wait.

*SHELBY: god, this girl is my best girl friend ever. she not only listens to me, but makes me feel like i have someone who fully understands me and goes through alot of the same things i do. for some reason she is the only girl i talk to with out having been back stabbed or talked shi about later. she is a real friend and i love her more than she probably knows. her saracsm kills me and i dont think either of us could go w/o saying something sarcastic to each other. she is the deffinition of best friend in my book and i dont really give a shit what anybody else thinks of her. i cant wait to see just how beautifull and brilliant you become my dear. i know you will be amazing at what ever you do. :)

*GARRETT: the pain in the ass. the biggest annoyance in my life. the person i would love to strangle somtimes. the person who always has some kind of way to make me laugh even if im pissed off. although we fight a bunch and we know exactly how to tick each other off, we always seem to stay friends in the end. i dont know how or why but we cant stay mad at one another for very long. i know i may say some pretty rude things to you sometimes and vice versa but know i love you, when your the nice garrett, not the jerk one. good luck in what ever the heck you want to do with your life. x) ily.

*CLYDE: we have had some serious ups and downs. we hate each other sometimes and i get sooo angry at you i honestly dont know why i still talk to you half the time. but your one of the best friends in the world even though your pervertedness kills me. you can be really emotional at times and i always love how we go to each other for advice and such. we fight like brother and sister and i hope you realize i love you like a brother. i really do. make sure you dont change clyde, and i cant even imagine the things you will accomplish. you have so much talent and i hope you know it. i know youll do fine. trust in yourself.


School Sucks.

end of story. the only class i like in school rite now is english. its sad actually. three art classes and i dont really like any of them? wow. my digital video and sound class isn't really a class. we do nothing but go online and talk to our fellow students. its not even that we dont do our work but more that we have no work to do. my television production class is better but i wouldn't really consider it an art class. im a really good director, producer, and graphic director but my teacher takes a massive dump right before every class so,... yea. i guess its a good thing to have that experience behind me, but its not even what i want to do in my life so i dont see the need in it. my commercial arts class the one im in now is another class that i dont really do anything. we do have work unlike the other class but since i practically took this class last year, i know how to do all the projects in photoshop so i finish them in five minutes, ten minutes max. its so boring not having anything to do, when i know i could be home doing something with my time.

my english class on the other hand i love. i have always loved writing and we have done TONS of it this year. its the only class i look forward too anymore. i always get a's and b's so easily in that class. luckily, next year i will have a little more of a challenge! my counselor accepted my request to be in A.P. english 3 next year! its going to be much harder and i will be able to start getting some college credits while im at it, so its win a win situation. i cant wait for college. i have been looking into SCAD, in Atlanta, and im really interested in it. i want to go for interior design of course ;) i even signed up for the SCAD, summer seminar and got accepted! its a week long and you get to stay in dorms and such. you obviously have to pay a pretty penny for it but the workshops sound amazing and all the supplies (for most classes) are included. i will definitely keep everyone posted on that and would love to see about meeting some of you there! there is a wide array of classes so if your interested you should look into it for sure.
Photobucket Photobucket

god i hate immaturity. some kid just set off a fire cracker (or so it seemed) in class and it was soooo loud! it was like a rocket. now all i smell is like burning or something like that. i cant really explain smells. i was never very good at that. but really, i cant wait for people to grow up and realize that this is real life and you cant act like children forever. i really cant wait.

well interesting enough i just found the next outfit im going to take inspiration from! if i ever get any money back :( i wish i was rich so could just buy what ever the hell i wanted and not care. oh well. but anyways,.. its by Christina Culver i believe and its in the Christina Darling SS08 collection. i love it. so cute!
Photobucket check here to see more :)

well my teacher is kicking me out for lunch so i will ttyl! have a wonderfull dandy day :) ily!

-becca ♥

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little About Myself.

im rebecca. im 16. i love art and music. i want to become an interior designer. and this is me.

hobbies/ aspirations:
+making jewelry.

im your everyday average teenage girl, but completly different.

The First Post.

well this is it. im finaly starting my first blog. its actualy pretty exciting. i have only been searching for the past 2 or 3 hours for a good site to post it on until i found this little beauty. now the even more difficult part. finding good interesting things to post about. im sure i will be fine once i get the hang of it. just dont give up on me too fast, im only 16 for goodness sake.