Monday, May 3, 2010

School Sucks.

end of story. the only class i like in school rite now is english. its sad actually. three art classes and i dont really like any of them? wow. my digital video and sound class isn't really a class. we do nothing but go online and talk to our fellow students. its not even that we dont do our work but more that we have no work to do. my television production class is better but i wouldn't really consider it an art class. im a really good director, producer, and graphic director but my teacher takes a massive dump right before every class so,... yea. i guess its a good thing to have that experience behind me, but its not even what i want to do in my life so i dont see the need in it. my commercial arts class the one im in now is another class that i dont really do anything. we do have work unlike the other class but since i practically took this class last year, i know how to do all the projects in photoshop so i finish them in five minutes, ten minutes max. its so boring not having anything to do, when i know i could be home doing something with my time.

my english class on the other hand i love. i have always loved writing and we have done TONS of it this year. its the only class i look forward too anymore. i always get a's and b's so easily in that class. luckily, next year i will have a little more of a challenge! my counselor accepted my request to be in A.P. english 3 next year! its going to be much harder and i will be able to start getting some college credits while im at it, so its win a win situation. i cant wait for college. i have been looking into SCAD, in Atlanta, and im really interested in it. i want to go for interior design of course ;) i even signed up for the SCAD, summer seminar and got accepted! its a week long and you get to stay in dorms and such. you obviously have to pay a pretty penny for it but the workshops sound amazing and all the supplies (for most classes) are included. i will definitely keep everyone posted on that and would love to see about meeting some of you there! there is a wide array of classes so if your interested you should look into it for sure.
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god i hate immaturity. some kid just set off a fire cracker (or so it seemed) in class and it was soooo loud! it was like a rocket. now all i smell is like burning or something like that. i cant really explain smells. i was never very good at that. but really, i cant wait for people to grow up and realize that this is real life and you cant act like children forever. i really cant wait.

well interesting enough i just found the next outfit im going to take inspiration from! if i ever get any money back :( i wish i was rich so could just buy what ever the hell i wanted and not care. oh well. but anyways,.. its by Christina Culver i believe and its in the Christina Darling SS08 collection. i love it. so cute!
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well my teacher is kicking me out for lunch so i will ttyl! have a wonderfull dandy day :) ily!

-becca ♥

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  1. Great outfit! And this style is still very much around here in the UK, I'm not sure about anywhere else :)

    Thank you for the follow, I really appreciate it! Have a great day :D xxx

    Sarah @