Saturday, June 26, 2010


SCAD was amazing.

it was so easy to meet people and make friends, the staff was really nice, and except for a few miss understandings, the classes were very cool. i made 3 great friends, Julia, Jesse, and Nancy. they really helped me get through the week there and made it super enjoyable! i was really surprised to find out how much we all had in common and how we had the same opinions on so many things. it was like we had known each other forever when we really didn't. i loved that. In the short week i was there they actually got me to do many new things that i had never done and gave me new perspectives on my life.

they also peer pressured into getting a tumblr! i haven't really done anything with it yet so I'm not going to talk about it to much simply because there is nothing to talk about. Jesse also made me get a lookbook so if you get a chance you should hype some of my looks ;)

i have looked at some super amazing blogs and got loads of inspiration! such as,...

i found them very fun and easy to read so if you get a second you should read them!

i have been some what bust making little letters and knickknacks to send my new friends and have come out with a few cute things i hope they like. so far i have a play list, a small picture, and these adorable little foods i made out of polymer clay.
i really like the way they turned out! i will put up a tut. later for them if you guys want it. they don't take all that long to make but they do require a little bit of patients. (may look a little sloppy in the pictures but keep in mind it was my first time making any of them!

well i hope to hear from you all soon and happy posting!

-becca ♥

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picture Perfect.

today after school my brother and i went on a trip to the end of our street and decided to have our own little shoot. neither of us are photographers and we don't have the best camera but over all the photos turned out really well! here is a few. tell me what you think ;)
i think i like these best though. bloopers ha ha :D

smile on world. smile on.