Friday, July 30, 2010

FIrst TIme For Everything.

welcome to a sweet asceticism first! blogging from my iphone! its just as easy as it is on the computer actually. (: I'm excited because now i know i will be able to blog from well, anywhere! pretty cool my friends and followers. well not all that much has happened since my last post. im currently in the car with my aunt going to fort lauderdale. we will be on a boat pretty much the entire time so it should be really really fun. for now my phone is going to die at about 10% so i will post you all later from a computer. ttyl :)

♥ becca :)

FIrst TIme For Everything.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Always Happens.

how does this always happen to me?! i try so hard to stay "connected" with the 3 followers i have and i cant even do that? wow. i need to really work on committing myself. oh well. I'm sorry again you guys and i will as always try and try again to post asap.

anyways,... i have done quite a bit within the time i haven't posted! i took a tour of the Savannah, SCAD (amazing), went to few parties, and came to visit some of my family in Orlando. so much to say that i don't know how to start. i guess i will just jump into it.

the parties were actually super fun! I'm not a big party person at all so when my friend Garrett and Connor had their birthday parties I'm going to be honest, i was not the hyped. i feel bad for saying that but i just really don't like big parties that much. Garret's was at his house, Connors party on the other hand was at the beach and let me tell you, i got the WORST sunburn i have ever gotten in my life!!!! i never burn really and i put lotion on 3 times through out the day and it didn't work i guess. the pain that was in my face and shoulders was so intense i thought i might have gotten sun poisoning. yes, that bad. the color of my skin was about a 8 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being like a fire engine. ridiculous. but they were both really great and I'm happy that i decided to go to them :)

SCAD was super cool. we got to take a tour of all the buildings and see how everything worked and what they had.its really really nice! they spend a bunch of money on supplies and such so they basically have everything you could possibly need. of course the interior design building was my favorite. it was really organized and clean, all the students had their own work space, overall just really nice.the dorms were bigger than the ones in Atlanta. the entire building was actually new too. all of the buildings except the dorms were original to Savannah so it was really cool to see the old architecture. I'm really excited when i get to apply to one of them. I'm not sure which one yet but I'm sure it will be great either way!!

Orlando has been really fun so far as well. my little cousin Jordan and Nathan are just adorable. of course i miss my mom,dad, and brother since i came down alone but i have only been here for about a week and a half now so its not too bad. the kids have camp and my uncle works so I'm home with my aunt usually but we go and do things a lot so its ok. we went to IKEA yesterday and holy cow, that places in HUGE! i was drooling practically the entire time we were there. i would love to be one of the people to design the example rooms there. it would probably be a good thing to do as practice for a future job. i don't know if we have one by me but if i do they better watch out because i will be there all the time. i like it because its not the best furniture and accessories in the world but its way cheap for what you get and they have some really really cool stuff. it was like my heaven so i cant imagine how excited i will be when i finally get to actually make and design rooms. -sigh- one day.

well, that's all for now i suppose so i will type you all later!
have a dandy day and happy blogging.
- becca ♥

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Is My Life At Its Best.

so yesterday i didn't go to sleep until 5:50am at least and i didn't wake up until 2:00pm today so i got NOTHING i wanted to done. fortunately, last night i was on and found this wonderful photo and laughed for a very long time.

i find it very amusing. they captioned it Martha Stewart Rock Gear or something like that. pretty funny stuff :)

my friend Garrett turned 16 today and is having a party on Saturday. I'm not sure what to make or get him. its a difficult choice. i might possibly make him a necklace or something along those lines. who knows. wish me luck?

thanks loves ♥


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Look.

changing up the blog was way easier said than done. it doesn't seem all that hard but I'm very indecisive so it took me a good 2 days and i didn't really do anything to it. oh well, i have nothing else to do! its still the same old blog and the same old me so don't get confused peeps ;) its 11:40 pm and my lovely new pet Frenchie, is keeping me wide awake running on his wheel. oh yes! i forgot to tell you! i got a 'fancy' mouse and i named him Frenchie. he is adorable just loud. at least when he runs. he pounds the plastic so the entire cage shakes and rattles so its just annoying. but i love him ♥

isn't he the cutest mouse you ever saw?! i don't know if you have ever tried but taking a picture of a mouse with one hand while holding it with the other is really hard that's why the picture is so odd but i still like it.

i believe I'm also going to see about selling some of my jewelry on i really don't know ANYTHING about it so if you guys have any tips or pointers please please tell me. me and my mom make pretty much everything so we have a bunch of pieces sitting around. so all the help is appreciated!

i am also super excited about a babysitting job i got for Tue. and Thu. of next week. i haven't really babysat for someone else except family before and i could really use the extra ca$h. the boy is 5 according to my mom but who knows how old he really is ;) my dad is in the navy and my mom is in the navy wives club so she met the other mom through that. hey, I'm not complaining! i love kids and I'm sure it wont be that bad. wish me luck!

adios amigos.

-becca ♥

Monday, July 5, 2010

Too Long.

it has been ages since i last posted and i feel horrible. but im back and better than ever!
i am happy to say that i have nothing to say though. nothing bad nor good. but i can say that my best friend Shelby has followed lead and made a blog! she just started so its not much but its still really really fun to read.
yep thats it!
happy posting and ily!
-becca ♥