Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Look.

changing up the blog was way easier said than done. it doesn't seem all that hard but I'm very indecisive so it took me a good 2 days and i didn't really do anything to it. oh well, i have nothing else to do! its still the same old blog and the same old me so don't get confused peeps ;) its 11:40 pm and my lovely new pet Frenchie, is keeping me wide awake running on his wheel. oh yes! i forgot to tell you! i got a 'fancy' mouse and i named him Frenchie. he is adorable just loud. at least when he runs. he pounds the plastic so the entire cage shakes and rattles so its just annoying. but i love him ♥

isn't he the cutest mouse you ever saw?! i don't know if you have ever tried but taking a picture of a mouse with one hand while holding it with the other is really hard that's why the picture is so odd but i still like it.

i believe I'm also going to see about selling some of my jewelry on i really don't know ANYTHING about it so if you guys have any tips or pointers please please tell me. me and my mom make pretty much everything so we have a bunch of pieces sitting around. so all the help is appreciated!

i am also super excited about a babysitting job i got for Tue. and Thu. of next week. i haven't really babysat for someone else except family before and i could really use the extra ca$h. the boy is 5 according to my mom but who knows how old he really is ;) my dad is in the navy and my mom is in the navy wives club so she met the other mom through that. hey, I'm not complaining! i love kids and I'm sure it wont be that bad. wish me luck!

adios amigos.

-becca ♥

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