Monday, May 3, 2010

Loves Of My Lifes.

ok. so i know i already posted today but i feel like this is a big part of my life that i need to share with you guys. my best friends! they are the most amazing people ever and im so thankfull for knowing them. :)

*CORY: of course the best ones are gay so it just makes it better that he is and i really dont know where i would be with out him! but i will start from the begining, about four or five months ago a new student showed up in my tv. production class and my first reaction was god he looks amazing! he had that tall, glamorous, dont mess with me bitch look to him and honestly, i feel like a peice of dirty, old, cloth off the side of the road next to him. serious model material. after a few classes of talking to him i made it clear that i was going to be best friends with him. we started talking more and more a little each day and eventualy began to text eachother. one day he needed a ride home and of course i offered and so he came over to my house and we talked about college and what we want in our future and things like that which i really hadnt done in a LONG time. a few hours after getting picked up he sent me a text asking if he could ride home with me everyday after school. completly shocked i answered yes and the rest is history. he now comes over and picks out my clothes and jewelry and we talk about colleges and school, its actualy the perfect college roomate story if there is one. we have promised eachother to be friends forever and do everything we can to live together in a great big loft in New York City. hey, we can dream rite? bottom line is i love him to death. i dont know how i possibly was getting by without him and his amazing fashion sense. the world better look out because when he parades into the fashion world, it will never be the same. just you wait.

*SHELBY: god, this girl is my best girl friend ever. she not only listens to me, but makes me feel like i have someone who fully understands me and goes through alot of the same things i do. for some reason she is the only girl i talk to with out having been back stabbed or talked shi about later. she is a real friend and i love her more than she probably knows. her saracsm kills me and i dont think either of us could go w/o saying something sarcastic to each other. she is the deffinition of best friend in my book and i dont really give a shit what anybody else thinks of her. i cant wait to see just how beautifull and brilliant you become my dear. i know you will be amazing at what ever you do. :)

*GARRETT: the pain in the ass. the biggest annoyance in my life. the person i would love to strangle somtimes. the person who always has some kind of way to make me laugh even if im pissed off. although we fight a bunch and we know exactly how to tick each other off, we always seem to stay friends in the end. i dont know how or why but we cant stay mad at one another for very long. i know i may say some pretty rude things to you sometimes and vice versa but know i love you, when your the nice garrett, not the jerk one. good luck in what ever the heck you want to do with your life. x) ily.

*CLYDE: we have had some serious ups and downs. we hate each other sometimes and i get sooo angry at you i honestly dont know why i still talk to you half the time. but your one of the best friends in the world even though your pervertedness kills me. you can be really emotional at times and i always love how we go to each other for advice and such. we fight like brother and sister and i hope you realize i love you like a brother. i really do. make sure you dont change clyde, and i cant even imagine the things you will accomplish. you have so much talent and i hope you know it. i know youll do fine. trust in yourself.


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