Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Your Average Day.

i cant believe how much im really like blogging! its crazy because i usualy dont stick to things for very long and if i do its because i have to so yeay Sweet Asceticism! :) anyways,...

i came across a book today in the library about how to get your blogs noticed and such and it had the idea of putting little notes in books relating to your blog saying "hey come check us out at,..." and i thought it was kind of a cool idea! it would be easy and cheap and it would reach out to the right group of people to so i thought hey what they heck? so i made a few notes saying stop by anytime and share ideas and topics and if you put your name in the comment i will post a blog with your name in it and slipped them into a few good craft and design books i love. hopefully, it will bring in some new visitors and maybe some new bloggers too.

besides that darling fact, i wanted to say that i arranged my room a new way thats leaving it feeling a little empty at the moment so i was wondering if anybody knew a few cheap online or jacksonville furniture stores that maybe had an armchair that i could buy with a $40.00/month budget. if so please tell me! i hate the feeling of plain boring rooms and right now, thats my room. it makes me so mad that i want to be an interior designer and if you walked into my room, you would have zero idea. yea, its that bad at this second. i have come up with a few ideas to brighten it up and get a little color on my white walls, but i would love to hear what you guys think! here is what ive got now, mind the mess and clutter, its a work in progress.

to liven up my walls a little i found this, and i give all credit of this to www.oncewed.com its the DIY lighted paper pennant garland and it turns out so cute! i got some $5.00 christmas lights from Target and some cheap, on sale Martha Stewert paper from Michaels. its super simple but a little on the timely side. it took me almost 4 hours to make a pennant for EVERY light on the string so it could take less or more time depending on what your doing.


all you need is lights (and it doesnt really matter what size as long as you have a large enough template), paper (mine was 12x12 and fit 4 pennant shapes easily), scissors, a template, and lOTS of tape (i used normal everyday clear scotch tape).

1. make a template or print the one off oncewed.com. the one on the site is a little comfusing for me but math was never my subject so check it before you waste your time making your own like me.
2. trace out as many possible templates you can get on one piece of paper then cut out the shapes. i cut more then one piece of paper at a time to speed up the process.
3. poke/punch a hole in the smaller triangles.
4. fold over the bottom smallest triangle and tape each side triangle too it.
5. continue folding over the sides and tape them together.

6. snip two lines on opposite sides of the punched hole about 2 cm long or long enough for your lights to fit into.
7. slip the lights into the hole and repeat.
it is pretty cool once its done but by the end i was glad it was over. i actualy cut the project into 2 days 2 hours each so i wouldnt be sitting there forever. what do you think?

well, its time for me once again to sign off but before i do i would like to say thanks too,

Amy @ Varnish


Ink and Belle

for being my first followers. thanks for the support guys! :) p.s. i love your blogs!! time for some raviollis and cheesy zucchini. yum yum. adios for now and hope to hear from you soon.

-Becca ♥

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