Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Busy Beaver.

im so sorry i havent posted in a while i have been extremely busy and havent found the time to do much of anything. this past weekend was my cousins bar mitzvah and all this week i have been taking exams so i have been studying a bit here and there. i am also annticipating the coming of my braces in just a few days. June 25th to be exact. im not sure what color to get so i have been contemplating that as well. any ideas? i have however found some time to create two necklaces that i swear took me seconds to do. one took about 10 seconds and the other about 5 min. they are super easy and obviously fast so i decided to post the DIY projects below.

Stopping Time Necklace.
- cotton cord. (i used Blue Moon Beads)
- one pocket watch. (the pocket watch took me literaly forever to find and this one was actualy a gift found by my grandmother. {i love her!} they tend to be a little pricey at antique malls or stores so check out garage sales everyonce in a while. {it sounds timely, but its worth it} just dont give up.)

1st: cut a piece of the cord long enough to if you fold it in half and tie it, it will be the length you want. one thing i have learned is that this cord once tied is very hard to get out, so i tie mine in a bow instead of knotting it just to make sure i will be able to get it off later.

2nd: tie knots at the very end on each side of the cord. this will make it harder for the bow to come untied on its own.

3rd: fold the cord in half and put the folded end through the top hook of the pocket watch.

4th: pull the loose ends through the loop on the opposite side.

5th: pull tight and adjust as neccasary.

viola! your done :)

Fabric Frenzy Necklace.
- scrap fabric more than 2 feet long.

1st: if you are using fabric not cut yet then make a small cut in the top of the fabric making a strip about an inch thick. then carefully rip down the fabric to create a frayed edge. do this three times for three seperate strips of fabric.

2nd: tie a loose knot at the end of each strip joining them together.

3rd: begin to braid the fabric making it as loose or tight as you want. *remember its a necklace so if you have short stripes make sure to keep the braid loose so its long enough to tie around your neck.*

4th: untie the first knot and tie a double knot with the two ends of the strips connecting the necklace. adjust the length as neccessary.

tah-dah! (:

i also wanted to say that i have officialy started teaching myself french! if you have any ideas or things that helped you learn a language fast, please i am open to suggestions. i only know a little right now like please and thank you so i still have a lot of work to do. but i am determined so im sure i will get it soon. wish me luck and ill keep you posted :)

on top of that i would like to express to you all my latest obssession. its amazing! they have really cute clothes and jewelry but for way cheaper than say, Urban Outfitters maybe. dont get me wrong, i love me some Urban Outfitters. but at times i feel some of the clothes are a little over priced. soo, ruche just simply made my day when i found it. deffinately check it out if you have some time. they have a special eco friendly section too! obviously everything there is either recycled or organic and i really like that about them. they also have this necklace that i thought looked odly familiar,...

im just saying ;)

well off to bed for me now so i will blog to you all soon!

merci beaucoup.

bonne nuit.

-becca. ♥

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