Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quite A Repulsive Day.

like a peacock placed in a pen of pigeons i was completly out of mind and body today. i felt as though i had been transported over nite to some odd disgusting world where people poor water or eachother and ask random peirs (who are completly unapprochable) to play rock paper scissors. i couldnt fathom the fact that i was really at school and all these horrid things really were happening. sickening to say the least. i could find no escape as even when i got home my 12 year old brother nearly yelled at me for almost eating his slice of bread even though he had 4 slices of pizza sitting in font of him. im not sure what is happening to me to be honest. the little glam. i had in me is slowly being sucked out. i dont know what to do anymore. the only reasurance i found was in the constant ticking of the pocket watch dangling around my neck and the voice of Cory talking to me about next year and how we wont have to take the bus anymore. i shouldnt have to imagine myself in the future to get me by today. it just doesnt seem right.

besides those annoyances i found myself lacking inspiration today as well. maybe i need a good vacation to france. paris maybe? somewhere where people care about how they look and act. and im sure going to france would help me learn french. i bet my parents would buy that. not. but which ever, i hope i get myself back before i go to SCAD. oh! p.s. its official now! my parents paid and sent in all the paperwork so i am officialy going to be a SCAD student for one week. im pretty enthusiastic when it comes to that. i hope i like it. im sure i will. (:

i am also secretly planning cory's birthday gift. he says he doesnt want anything and refuses to tell me what to get so i decided to make something for him. its going to be a scrapbook of all the things he loves and wants etc. i hope he will like it. i just got a bunch of magazines and printed out some pictures. i will take some photographs and post them so you can see when im done. i love doing things like this for my friends. it means more in my opinion to make something then to buy it. but dont get me wrong, i love expensive gifts! who doesnt?! haha.

on the other hand, i have decided what camera im going to save up for. a fujifilm instax instant camera! its a little camera that prints about credit card sized photos instantly! it reminds me of a poloroid. (; its only $130 at Urban Outfitters so if i dont spend any money for the next 3 and 1/2 months i will get it then! im really excited. i hope it works as good as it seems x)

p.s. i got new facial cleanser today. i dont know if you noticed in any pictures, but i have very bad skin. it gets red and dry, but oily with the ever toxic pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads too. i have tried many things from chemical infused scrubs, to organic washes so my skin has been through much more than it should. but today i whent to ULTA and picked up an acne treament kit from PETERTHOMASROTH to see if this product works better for me than some others. it came with a beta hydroxy acid 2% acne wash, AHA.BHA acne clearing gel, acne spot area treatment, oil free moisturizer, and a max ant-shine matifying gel for $35.00. im not really familiar with this brand but the lady who helped me said her son used it and had related symptoms as me and had great results so i decided hey what the heck? i have only used it one time so far and it didnt feel any different than most acne cleansers so only time will tell. although, for the first time i have actualy felt my skin was very soft, protected, and what made me the most happy is that he excess oil was finaly gone! i felt like my pores could breathe. so hopefully it works! wish me luck!

time check: 5 days left of school :)

haha love you all and hope to speak to you soon!

becca ♥

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