Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hurray! Tut. Time

soo, its been a while but I'm back with a new tut. this one is a bookmark. i was going through my dresser and found this metal bookmark with a bear holding a candle on the top and i was like ew. and went to throw it out but then i was like hey! i need a bookmark! so i altered it a bit and now i like it :) so lets start,

*metal prong bookmark. (probably find one at the dollar store for cheap)
*plastic cover
*little nick knacks (beads, gems, broken watch pieces, etc)
* and possibly a screw driver if you need to take anything apart for pieces.

1: on the back of your paper trace the plastic cover and cut out the circle.

2: take off the picture already on the bookmark or if that's not possible glue over it and place the paper on top. make sure it fits in without paper hanging off the edge.

3: pick and choose what pieces your going to put inside and place them in the center. be sure that the pieces are small enough that the cover still fits on without allowing anything to fall out.

4: place the cover back on and clamp the prongs onto the cover to hold it in place.

5: get a book. (:

well i hope you enjoyed and i hope to hear what you think!

-becca ♥

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